21 July 2019

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Making Waves

Date Published: 08 February 2011

ISBN Number:

Publisher: Astraea Press

Link to purchase book: http://www.astraeapress.com/?d8e9a618

Full Excerpt:

One of the guys with his back toward her seemed strangely familiar. It was something about his stance and the untidy mop of dark brown hair. Cassidy sat up straight, willing him to turn around so she could see his face. Her heart thumped in a mix of fear and anticipation as she watched him chatting to the girls.
The waitress came toward her with a pad and pen in hand. Cassidy ordered a fruit juice, her attention still focused on the man with his back to her. Then, just as the waitress left to take Cassidy’s drink order inside the café, he turned around.
“Cassidy? Cassidy Jones?”
Her heart sank. It looked as if she had been wrong about not meeting anyone who knew her here in New Bay. Of all the people she hadn’t wanted to bump into,
“Hello, Josh, what a surprise to see you.” Josh Parker was definitely one of them.
He crossed the paved area between the tables to come and stand at her table, a bewildered expression on his face. “What brings you here? I thought you and Ethan were supposed to be headed for the Seychelles.” He looked around as if he expected Ethan to suddenly materialize beside her.
Cassidy bit her lip. It looked as if her famously work-obsessed boss hadn’t heard the news.
“I didn’t get married.” She tried not to sound terse. In her head she’d practised how she would tell people and explain to them what had happened. Now, confronted in the last place on earth she had expected to see someone she knew, all her carefully chosen phrases deserted her. “Ethan dumped me.”
Josh looked confused. “So, you’re not married?”
Cassidy clenched her teeth. “No.”
She did a mental eye-roll. For a supposedly intelligent man who’d built up a thriving dotcom marketing business, Josh could be mystifyingly dense. “Are you here on holiday?” She prayed he’d say no, that he was just a day tripper. He hadn’t taken a holiday to her knowledge for over a year.
“I’m here for three weeks. I’m staying in a friend’s cottage.” He made a vague gesture in the direction of the cliffs.
Cassidy’s heart sank. Not only was he staying in New Bay, but her cottage was on the cliffs overlooking the sea, too.
“What about you?” he asked.
“Same situation. My friend loaned me her cottage when she heard what had happened. I guess I’ll probably bump into you again. My cottage is on the cliffs as well.”
“Crazy coincidence.” Josh shook his shaggy brown hair at the strangeness of it all. “There are only half a dozen houses up there. Which one are you staying at? I’m throwing a big barbecue party in a couple of days’ time. You should come along.” He pushed his fringe out of his eyes and blinked at her.
“That’s very kind of you, but I’m not really up for partying at the moment.” She couldn’t think of anything she’d like less. What if there were other people from work there?
“Okay, but if you change your mind, I’m staying at the Seagull’s Nest. It’s the white cottage on the end of the row.”
He’d turned and started to walk away before Cassidy managed to transform her incredulous strangled yelp into a more sensible sound.
“But you can’t be!” she called after him.
He turned around and stared at her. “What do you mean?”
Cassidy felt giddy. She’d jumped up to attract his attention and now everything had gone a bit fuzzy around the edges. She gripped the edge of the table in a bid to stop the seafront from swaying around her. “You can’t be staying there—because that’s my cottage.” She half-fell and half-sat back in her chair.

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